I want to follow your God and no others.

While I was waiting for our flight to depart, I sat next to a lovely lady, Sapna. She asked me what we were doing in India. I shared with her what we did: Supported the crusade, fed the people, and assisted with a free medical clinic. She was moved by what we did. Sapna proceeded to tell me about a situation that she had recently faced. How she had prayed to the Hindu gods and had no results. She then decided to pull into a parking lot of church and pray to Jesus for the answer. The answer came quickly. She asked me if I could tell her more about my God. I said sure. After I finished, she told me that she wanted to follow only my God and no others. She saw that He was the One True Living God. We prayed and the Holy Spirit was all over her. Sapna started fanning herself saying, oh my, I feel, I feel, so happy inside. It feels so wonderful, peaceful, good, that I want to cry. I rejoiced as the Lord made Himself real to her. We sat next to each other on the plane ride to Hyderabad and I enjoyed the exchange of who we were and where we came from. Thank you Lord for another wonderful seat assignment.