My Assignment a dentist

Each member of the team is assigned a place. They call my name and tell me that I am assigned to a dentist!!!!.. doing what, I’m not exactly sure, but that is where I’m assigned to and I’ll do my best.

I am led to the exam room and introduced to the dentist. As we talk, I discover she is not saved, but attended a Christian University. She told me she believed all that was shared, but had not made the commitment for Christ. I asked her if she wanted to make that commitment and she said yes. First Exam: One perfect filling. Glory to God.

I have to say, it was hard to watch the exams. Sterilization of instruments was a bucket of water. I wanted to offer up my Listerine, but was restrained as it would be an insult.

The dentist shared how she did not bring her extractors or other equipment. (Thank you Lord!) We did our best. The dentist prescribed dental rinses (when available), suggested follow up appointments, and I gave toothbrushes and paste. I asked if we needed to make sure they knew how to brush their teeth. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t.

Sign in Telugu to identify our room___________________dental exam
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