In the School for the students or Teachers???

Can you pray for my wife….Mr. Prasad appraoched me today and asked if I was free during lunch. On the Friday before, it was mentioned that his wife was having serious heart problems. He had left the room and Sangita (another Christian teacher) and I went to find him. We talked with him about praying for his wife. She was in the Hospital on the other side of the island so at the time it was not possible. Well, today, he came back and asked me if I would go with him to pray for his wife. Of course I will. Thank you Lord for the opportunity. A young believer named Adam goes along with me to pray.

Romella is departing for Hong Kong for further medical treatment. As I share with the two of them about why Jesus, they receive so easily. The Lord has truly prepared their hearts. After they receive, I pray for her healing. The anointing of the Lord was so strong.. Adam and I prayed for a New Heart, Neck loose (was a pinch nerve) and perfect vision! Thank you Lord! She could feel the touch of the Lord. I could feel the anointing going out. Adam could feel it and commented that it was so strong. Romella was pulling on the Lord and she was being instantly healed.

She did depart to go to Hong Kong, and what Mr. Prasad has shared is she is well. Thank you Jesus!