May I hold your hand and pray

Today is “Health Check” day at school. It is quite an amazing event as the Ministry of health comes in and weighs, measures, does oral hygine checks and vision screening.

One of the most favorite things is the gives vaccination process for the Children. Since Cyclone Gene went through, ALL the students are getting a tetanus shot. The “tough boys” were not tough any longer. So, I held hands and prayed for those children who were “afraid” for the shots. I tell you then number of boys who grabbed onto my hand was funny. Alligator tears welled up in their eyes. I prayed for them before the shots and then talked to them through the process. Did not even hurt many of them said. Glory to God.

Only thing is, boys will be boys….. after they were through the “painful part” of the shot, they thought it would be “funny” to hit each other in the arms after the shots, until they cried…. Anyone have a box of kleenex?