Into the Interior… can we get out????

We went back to Mavua for a church service. This is the church I went to last fall for dedication and water baptism. They don’t get too many visitors and repeats at that (especially “Europeans”) so they are really excited to see me. I’m just as excited to be there. They asked me to share about what the Lord is doing around the world.

Lunch/Fellowship afterwards was precious…..

The rains are BIG! Much rain coming into Fiji since it is the “rainy” season. To rain at night is ok. Rain during the day? Well it would be cooler that way. When we go to leave Mavua, the car would not start. So we sit and wait for a mechanic to come and look at the car. We wait and wait and wait. Finally after 3 hours of waiting, it is determined that we hitch a ride.

There are transport Lories, (transport vehicle – covered pickup?) that are running back to town. We hitch a ride and head out.

On the ride, we discoverd it was the hand of God that was protecting us. The rain had over ran the road and we would have not been able to pass in the car. Thank you Lord for always going before us! The entire ride is an adventure. The guy is driving so fast…. I’m thankful for the Prophetic blessing Oral Roberts proclaimed upon me in 1998, that all of my travels, whether by land, sea, air, train, car, boat, plane would be safe. Thank you Lord for that proclamation! It has kept me in all of my ways.
The ride has some Indian folks in the lory as well. Unfortunately, the ride was too adventourous and noisy to share the gospel. Still, my prayers were for my laughter as we went and the smile on my face to radiate Jesus, not K.