Village Ministry Day One

Jordan, a precious young lad who is in bible school, and I meet early in the day to go to KuluKulu, a village east of Sigatoka. It is where his mother’s mother lives. We go and meet his aunt and visit. We share why I’m here in Fiji. She prays with us to receive Jesus. We also visit his grandfather who has been bed ridden for over 40 years. Jordan does not quite know why, but he is paralyzed on one side of his body. He did not want to pray to receive Jesus and that was hard on Jordan. But we do pray for him to be touched with the healing anointing.

We head out to the village for ministry. The people are mostly Hindu and Muslim. But all are wide open to the truth. We prayed with entire families to receive Jesus. One lady told us that we were the first people to ever come and share Jesus with her. Amazing! There are a number of churches in the village ~ and no one had stopped buy. We’re honored the Lord used us.

For lunch, we head back to his Aunt’s place where his grandmother will join us. His Aunt, Rina, has made curry soup, crab, goat, pickled mangos, roti and okra. Ok, pickled mangos were interesting. The rest was wonderful.
We share with Jordan’s grandmother. It is a message about the great love that God has put into Jordan’s heart for his family. That that great love was what had him ask me to join him in visiting the family and sharing Jesus with them. She prayed to receive Jesus with tears in her eyes.

We head back out to do more ministry. House to house was wonderful. One thing that the Holy Spirit was having me do was to pray over the families that we prayed with for a blessing right away, for them to be committed to God and for the Holy Spirit to drop the Love of God into their hearts right away. It’s nice, they hear the prayers we are offering up. We visit one of the Ladies that I’ve met previously. Actaully, I had closed her hand in the card door the Thursday before. OUCH! Thank you Jesus for healing her hand. She gives cookies and we exchange conversation. We visit her daughter in law and pray for healing of her baby. Glory to God. A little neighbor girl, Pya, prays for Jesus to be her Lord.