It just goes by sooooo fast!!!!

September and October just went by so fast!!! And, unfortunately, my laptop started acting up on me while I was overseas. TOTHENATIONS.Com was not updated as much as I would have liked it to be.
Good news is that the favor of God is providing me with a new laptop that is better than the one I had originally. Thank you Lord, I walked that one out in Love and the result is a huge Blessing!!!!
I do promise to get some more in depth testimonies out there, because you need to know what you are accomplishing for the Kingdom of God.

A quick recap of what you all helped accomplish:
Mission phase 1 Mid September – A team of 7 Evangelists – Ministered in the Suva area with Living Word on the Rock…. We brought the good news to the streets and villages.
At night we were a part of cell group services. Final count for the mission was 1400+ salvations and hundreds filled with the Holy Spirit. Glory to God.
The night services were so powerful. God is truly pouring out His Spirit upon the people who are open to receive ~ that included the team from the US.
I stood in awe of the move of God and His yearning to touch His people so the illumination of His love is solidified in all the hearts of the people.

Mission Phase 2 – I am going back to Sigatoka… To the Mission School to teach and work with the AOG church on the other side of the island…….
The entire team stayed one night on the other side of island… It is close to the town of Sigatoka. That is the place the Lord set me last year.
I took 2 of my fellow evangelists to town to do a bit of shopping before they were to head back to the States. We ran into many who I met last year ~ many of them were the children from the mission school.
It was starting to be quite a joyous reunion for me. As I said my good byes and the team departed and went back to the US and I once again stepped into another season ~ and another stay in Fiji for a month.