There is a piece of the puzzle that has been missing

Have you been baptised since you’ve believed????
Pastor Eliso, Sister Tima and myself are beckoned to come to a house for prayer. We arrive at the house of Anita, she’s a sister who shares a remarkable testimony…. 23 years before her husband left her with two young sons. In her searching, she became a Christian. She recounts the faithfulness of God in her life. How divine provision and love have brought them to a place where she has a nice house and two cars (one for each of the sons). Anita testifies to the goodness of God. She then turns to me and says, There’s a piece of this puzzle that is missing and I believe you have it. I ask her if she’s been baptized with the Holy Spirit since she’s believed. She replied, no, she really did not know that much about the role of the Holy Spirit. I share with her from John 14-16… the role of the Holy Spirit, and His availability to all who ask.
She asks to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. A new language from heaven fills her lips and joy overtakes her after a bit. Glory to God…. That is the piece that was missing and she says so. Thank you Lord for allowing me to give her the missing piece!