Prayers that avail much

We went back to Seya to spend more time in prayer at the Church & Bible School location. When I first stepped on the ground of of the location, it was impressed upon my heart that it was now a place of peace and joy, but that it was not always that way. The land the Lord had Pastor Bill and Linda purchase was used by the witch doctors to sacrifice children. At one time the blood ran down the side of the hill to the river and the water was red. But no more, The Lord has taken a place of sorrow and turned it into a place of joy, of darkness and turned it into a place of light.

This time as we entered prayer, it was a much deeper place with the Lord. Prayer for the plans, purpose and provision for the place and in the Spirit.
As I looked around the building, I looked at the bricks being used to make the walls. I saw faces all over. Faces of the children. The church was becoming a living memorial as the bricks were made out of the ground. The very ground where so much blood was shed and had been crying out. The blood that use to cry out is now a part of the light that will be sent out to dispel darkness.

The children who are being trained there are very special…. These children are world changers. God resuced them out of a place of utter darkness, one where the enemy had been trying to take their very lives and placed them into a place where they are carriers of light. Not only in their nation, but to surrounding areas.

Thank you Lord for bringing me her to show me and let me meet these precious children. And thank you for thier hugs… they are forever in my heart.

Current Church… New Building to the left and classrooms on the right
seya-2.JPG seya-3.JPG

Children from yesterday….. Chlidren of today….

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