Hospital Visit – Giving good gifts

Chick, Danielle, and Myself are paired up with Pastor Joel and Christine as interpreters to do hospital visits. Little gift bags with sugar, salt, soap and matches are once again put together for distributioin to the families of those who are in the hospital.

The hospital is better than I had expected. There are buildings that are broken into wards: Mens, Women’s, and Childrens. We start with the Children’s wing and break into two groups so we can minister to as many people as possible. Pastor Joel and I take one side of the room and Danielle, Chick and Christine take the other. The Lord opened heaven in the hospital. As we go, we give the gifts, and offer prayer for healing and each family is receiving salvation. Pastor Joel was taking names and give church locations for follow-up. It was absolutely beautiful. We quickly ran out of gift bags but we had candy left to offer the people. They received the candy with so much joy and Jesus with even more joy. Many of the families we were praying with to receive Jesus were muslim and Pastor Joel was so excited. The staff and people were so touched that we would take time to come and give gifts and pray.

As we moved through the hospital, both of our groups noticed that the Lord was confirming His word with signs following. Many people were getting up, packing up their beds (you have to bring your own linens, pillows and food), and walking out with their families. He was healing them! No surprise, but we just did not take much thought as we saw it when we moved from family to family.

As we were walking out is when it really hit me… He was emptying out the hospital. The very first little girl who Pastor Joel and I prayed for came bouncing down the walk. I looked at her and thought, my she looks familiar, and looked at her mother. At that point, I looked at Pastor Joel and said, that was the first one we prayed for… The Lord totally healed her. She had a high fever and had been very lethargic, now she was bouncing up and down smiling. We rejoiced in the Lord for what He had done. As we looked around the hospital, the beds were definately more empty. We give all the praise and glory and honor to You, O Lord. For You are good and Your mercy and lovingkindness endure forever….