Revival unto Holiness Day of Commitment

Today’s service is a special one, there will be a water baptism in the canal. 78 people are to be baptized ~ it is their outward commitment to go all out for Christ. It was shared that when they receive Jesus as Lord, many families tolerate it as He’s just “another” god to them. No big deal and others really don’t know about it. But when an individual gets water baptized, they are put out. The baptism takes place publicly and the entire village knows. It is the declaration saying they will only follow One True God ~ Jesus and are no longer following the way of Hinduism. This is really the dividing line and individuals are disowned.

I have never been to a water baptism like this before. Pastor John taught about the meaning and the importance. Then all of the 3000+ people walked down to the canal ~ about a ½ mile or so ~ singing hymns and songs all the way there. It was definitely known by the village what was going on. People lined the Canal to watch the event. We were asked to pray for individuals once they came out of the water. It was beautiful and such an honor to be a part of such a special day! One I will always remember.

rvh-bapt1.jpg rvh-bapt2.jpg