Feeding the multitudes: Joining In

One last meal ~ this time they asked us to eat instead of serve. We obliged. Lunch Menu: Rice, Chili Chicken Curry and Samba all on a banana leaf. I was looking forward to this culinary adventure. As I started to eat, I thought an angel had taken a coal from heaven and touched my lips ~ Whoa ~Hot hot hot!!!! Pastor Paul laughed and called for more rice. He taught me to eat just plain rice to cut the heat. It was all good! Just intense heat!!!!!!! Did I mention eating here is done with out silverware, Samba is interesting to eat without a spoon 🙂

Pastor John and I talk about the quantity of food that is prepared. All total, over 15,000 meals were prepared and served. Here are some numbers:
20,000 lbs of rice (imagine the bags!!!)
10,000 lbs of Curry
1000 gallons of Samba
15,000+ banana leaves

All of the above is cooked in big caldrons over open fires on a back part of the property. Now that is a pot of rice!