Soles for Souls…..

As my dear friend said, such a long distance to travel for such a short time of pleasure…..

I had a box shipped here with some things for ministry and I needed a different pair of shoes. No comments on that one;). Anyway, the box arrived and I was so excited about having a footwear change and my feet were so happy to be reunited with the shoes that arrived.

I went to visit to my neighbor and since all shoes here are “outdoor” shoes, I had taken off my shoes and left them outside. Well, someone decided to take my shoes.

Due to the fact that there has been a higher crime rate here, my neighbor called the police, yep, the police for my shoes! Anyway, they took the report on my missing shoes, and as funny as it sounds, even a detailed description of them. The policemen (2) of them who came to take the missing “sole” report are now found “souls” in the kingdom of God. If I have to be temporarily “separated” from my “soles” (shoes) to be united with these two souls in heaven, worth it.

My feet were so sad because they were only reunited for a few days….
My prayers are for the person to be so convicted as they TRY to wear the shoes, they need to return them and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
And since thet belong to my feel and my feet are anointed, no one else can wear my shoes. They must come back ~ in Jesus name!!!