A wrong phone number or a house call?

When I arrived here in Fiji, I received a number of calls from a lady named Poonam. She started off the calling at 3:00am. She had found my phone number in her reciently purchased cell phone and wanted to know who I was. I explained to her that my phone number was a brand new number, so I honestly don’t know how she got it. She asked where I was from and when I said United States, she panicked about making an International Call. I told her no, I’m here in Fiji. Just an American.

Well, she really wanted to be friends and would call asking me if I would come out to her house in the Valley. See, she was a Christian who married a Hindu man (arranged marriage) and was not allowed to practice Christianity anymore. Finding places here is not the easiest thing to do, so I told her that we could pray for her entire family (Husband and inlaws) to become Christians and if the Lord wanted us to meet, He’d lead me to her house. Prayed and Agreed in the Matchless name of Jesus.

Jordan and I went into the Valley to minister in a village called Nasavatavu. We had spent the day ministering to the Indian community and sharing the good news. As we approached the last house, there were three people sitting at the bottom of the hill. Two gentlemen and one lady. Jordan spoke in Hindi and the lady led us up to the main house on the hill.

There were two other ladies at the house. I start to share with them and ask their names, Preti, mother in law, and Poonam. I said hold on… Picked up my cell phone and dialed the number… RING RING RING… went her cell phone. I smiled and said, Here you have your answer to prayer. God brought me to your house to pray with your family and meet you in person. It truly was a glorious day. The entire family, including her husband was so overwhelmed that the Lord had sent me, they received Jesus.

Again, proving to all, He CARES enought to answer ALL of your Prayers!

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Poonam and Husband