The Amazing Race 2007 Continues…

Where to next…. Well the race continues… I’m departing this afternoon with a team to return to Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Glory to God… We’ve got a wonderful team of evangelists and intercessors going on this trip. We are looking forward to how the Lord draws upon the gifts in each one of us.
Prayer requests are:
1. Please pray for the Nation… It is a Muslim nation that has a Christian President and leader of the Police/Army. May our previously established connections be further solidified and opportunities unfold for us to minister to them.

2. Pray for the missionaries who are currently serving in Burkina Faso, There is a Pilipino missionary team who run a school that uses the French bible to teach French. What a plan. May we be able to lift and encourage them to continue in an unlikely place for Asians?

3. For the Children… We will be ministering to approx, 1500 orphans (number is growing daily Thank you all who gave toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothes and other items for the Children. Your natural gifts will be greatly appreciated in a nation where there is overwhelming lack.

4. For Protection: Keeping us safe in all of our travels, from mosquitoes (No Malaria), and from any plots and plans of the enemy that will fail.

5. For the gifts and talents and abilities of those on the team to be pulled upon in new ways.

6. For the complete plan God has scripted for our mission to come to pass. There are a few opportunities to venture into the northern territories. Places we’ve not gone. So for the Spirit of the Lord to make plain and clear the path we are to walk.

Thank you all in advanced for the work you will be helping us accomplish. We treasure your prayers and are thankful that the Lord has appointed us to run this race together.
God Bless you and my prayers over you are for Him to strengthen you more and more with His Holy Spirit so you will know and fulfill the dreams He has put in your heart.
With Love from a thankful heart for Jesus. K