The English Corners…. Full of English Quesions!!!????

The English corners: These opportunities are created to minister to university students who are learning English. Their teacher is a beautiful Christian lady who was sent to this town to share the gospel. She had shared with me when she arrived, she felt so alone and had cried out to the Lord about not having “anyone else” to help. Just like Elijah cried out in the cave, I’m the only one….. Here was our team, to lift her up and encourage her. She teaches a class on English that gives a “practical” lesson with a biblical foundation. The Word goes forth each week by the teaching she shares. Her lesson was on No Pain, No Gain, and she had us give the lesson. No greater pain was endured for any greater gain!!! Glory to God. In China, Evolution is taught as fact. Many of the students struggle with their existence. Two questions that underscore the foundations of ones faith were asked: 1. what is the purpose of my life? 2. If there is a loving God, why is there some who are Sick and well? Poor and Rich? Free and Oppressed? Both of these questions are loaded, but important. The Lord touched the hearts of all with His response through the team and all who were in attendance prayed to receive Jesus as Lord!!! Praise God!!!!