The door that God Opens and no man can shut

When I was leaving the Nambitu Indian school after doing the Easter presentation, the headmaster Mr. Dass had asked me if I could please come back. I saw him two weeks after Easter and he made the request again. The Lord meets our requests….

As I prayed about going back, the Holy Spirit had me ask the Johnson family go with me and have the children minister. So that is what I did…. God wants each of us to help others accomplish the plan and purpose the Lord has for our lives. He tells us it is about striving together for the faith of the gospel. Each of us has a part to play in getting the plan done.. Individual assignments are not greater than one another… they are just different. But equally important. So for me, having them come and minister was an easy one… I jumped at it! Yippee!!! I get to see the entire family minister!!!

The headmaster, teachers, and especially the school children were extremely blessed by not only having me return, but also me bringing “my friends” along. It is a place where not that many visitors make it to visit. So the program was extra special. I was so blessed to see them perform and minsiter.

Candace, Danielle, Janelle, Daniel, and Olivia all sang, danced and shared from their heart. Thank you Alan, a Fijian who came along to play the guitar. Pastor Lenard shared a message that continued to build on the foundation the Lord laid at Easter. It was wonderful as the school children became engaged and sang along and allowed the Lord to further touch their hearts.

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Photo 1: L to R: Daniel, Janelle, Danielle, Alan, and Candace singing
Photo 2: L to R: Danielle, Candace and Janelle performing song and dance
Photo 3: Olivia singing Jesus Loves Me
Photo 4 & 5: Children at the School…

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