A Recipe of Love

A Recipe for Love

87 School Children
Recalling paper cross making
47 Paper Crosses done by groups and individuals
61 Names on Crosses with blessings
2 Notes of Thanks for coming and asking to come back
200+ Hugs
Result: Distribution of Love…..

This was a huge blessing for me… after the ministry program, I told the children that if any of them wanted a hug, to come up and I’d be delighted to give them one. It is an opportunity to lay hands on them and pray over the children. One by one they all came. It was beautiful!

Once the hugging was complete, I visited the class rooms. As I walked in, they said Isu i ne (Jesus loves you in Chinese), which was so wonderful as they remembered what I taught them at Easter. The Holy Spirit recalled it to their remembrance. Praise the Lord….

During lunch, the headmaster told me that the children were also so excited about the paper cross I taught them how to make with one tear. Again, it was something that I had done in the Easter program. Thank you Lord for what you had me do at Easter.

After lunch, Mr. Dass gave me some paper and I went out to the children to make some crosses. Pass the test.. this is a smart group of students, as I did not need to show them how to make the crosses. They all remembered how to do it. So, they first formed groups and made crosses to give to me as groups, then they individually started to make crosses.

After the crosses, they asked if I could give them another hug. Answer was easy, OF COURSE. So they lined up again.
By the time we were done, I think I gave three rounds of hugs. There was one little boy who I know came through the line 4 times. I was the one who was ministered to and it was priceless…

hugs-1.jpg hugs-2.jpg hugs3.jpg