Eternity in his heart

They are shooting a film at a nearby location. The cast and crew are staying here at the hotel. I’ve had interaction with a number of them. Hollywood meets Fiji ~ it’s interesting. I was waiting in the lounge area and one of the actors came over and started a conversation. We talked about the movie and then he asked what I did. I said, I’m a missionary. He asked for a further definition of my “job”. I had wondered why I was defining this earlier so, here it is in print:

I am a Christian Consultant, with world wide experience in reaching tribes, tongues and nations with the Love of God. I assist them to secure their eternal life in heaven and the ability to identify their gifts, talents and abilities to walk out the plan the Lord has for their lives.

He asked about the pay. I told him that it is the best paying job that I’ve ever held!!!

We talked further and he shared with me that he was agnostic. Believed in a god, but did not know what ~ still searching and seeking. He had a lot of really really good questions and held back nothing. Does your God love everyone even if they don’t worship him? If someone doesn’t receive your God, do they go to hell? What does your God have to offer? How are your sure that your God is real? I shared the Love of God with him and my testimony. It was precious and his heart received. At the end, he prayed a prayer for God to show him the Way, Truth and path to Eternal life, to know Jesus as Lord and Savior as I had shared with him. He told me that I was different from others. That I operate in a whole other realm. Glory to God!! He seeing the Jesus in me.