The Love through the Flood…..

Dinner with Ray and Roveena…..The water supplier. God is good as he set up a ministry opportunity by having a “flood” with the water cooler. Ray and Roveena came over the previous Wednesday to take care of a flooding problem with my water cooler.

What was quickly realized was that the flood was just used to get them to the house so Roveena could be ministered to. Roveena was struggling with her daughter and was really hurting. As we talked, it was evident that her upbringing in a Islamic home (iron fist when it comes to the girls) was pushing her daughter away. I minister to her about LOVE and how to apply it with her daughter. I prayer over her and the Holy Ghost fills her. She’s got tears of joy and quickly says, Please come over for dinner. I want to make you dinner.

Today was national youth day so, no school. It was easy to go to their house for dinner and she tells me how just that simple ministry to her about “loving her daughter” and guideing her instead of “oppressive ruling” her daughter. So much joy and Roveena says how she is approaching her daughter has changed everything. Glory to God!

The dinner was swaad kanna (tasty food) and we had such sweet fellowship. They want me to come back for a “feast” of roasted duck at a later date….

Roveena and Farisha