Welcomed back with open arms!

We arrived in Beijing tonight ~ for me it is the third time in a year.

How wonderful it is to be able to be on another tour. We have two children with this group. I’m excited to see just how they will be used to touch hearts.

The hotel we are staying at is on we have stayed at before. As I waited to get my room assignment, I looked back at the hotel gift shop to see if my friends from a previous trip, Rachel and Suzanne, were still working there. When I turned around, I saw was Rachel running towards me with her arms wide open. Her excitement to see me was ~ wow (don’t have a word). She does not speak much English and my Chinese is not all that proficient (yet), but we were still able to communicate. She handed me a huge handful of Chinese candies. We laughed and she said, Nice to see you again. Yes indeed it was! I had shared the gospel with her on a previous trip. The Fruit remains and it was nice to see the face full of joy!

What a way to arrive! As I departed the hotel each day, I’d say hello and the girls giggled as I’d drop off American candy on the counter, it was something that I started to let them know they are loved on the previous trip. Thank you Lord, for my counter girls.