We’re Christians!!!!!

John 15:11 That their joy and gladness may be of full measure, complete and overflowing.

Sitting on a ledge were 4 men, I greeted them and asked where they were from. Indonesia was the answer…. They worked on a cargo ship and were just in town on their stop. Thank you Holy Spirit for removing language barriers as I started to share with them. After a bit, they understood that I was a Christian. That the Love of God I was sharing was because of Jesus. One of them said, “We’re muslims.” I continued sharing about the Love that God sent for each one of them. God being so holy, that they could not possibly attain righteousness on their own. They all agreed. One by one they prayed to receive Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Laughter that comes from having Joy flood their heart filled their mouths by the time each one of them said “Amen.” After laughing for a bit, one of them looked at me and then the other three men, with a HUGE grin and wide open eyes, he said “WE’RE CHRISTAINS!!!” Laughter continued on as I smiled and said, “yes, you are Christians.” Glory to God!!!