When you see a brethern in need……

Pastor Nick is approached by man who asks if he’s a Christian. His name is Peter…..
Peter, his wife, Uma, and two children, came to town today being led by the Spirit of the Lord. They are former Hindu’s who found the truth. The price that one pays for conversion out of other religions is something that we can not possibly imagine. Yes, our family, neighbors and former friends might think we’re a bit zealous, but it does not compare to what others go through.

Because of his conversion, Peter and his family have been put out, totally shunned by the family, he lost his job and has been looking for work. The family has a small apartment in a Muslim community. That also presents a challenge. They have been persecuted not only by their family, but also their neighbors. Peter told us that all of that did not matter. He knows God is faithful! That is what led him to downtown Suva. Peter and his family needed rent and fees so his children could attend school. The Lord made a way for provision. Their rent was met above and beyond what they could ask for! Glory to God!!!

We invited Peter and his family to come to church on Sunday. Telling them that the taxi fare would be taken care of so they could attend. We pray for the family’s needs.