What does it take to win 10,000 souls???

In my journal from the Liberia trip, I have written: What does it take to win 10,000 souls???
A lack of electricity which leads to:
A lack of air conditioning (in 95 degree heat and 99% humidity)
A lack of water for showers, pumps to get water did not run
The South Atlantic Ocean as our bathtub (THANK YOU LORD)
The Ocean breeze to cool off in the shade of palm trees (THANK YOU LORD)
The Beach as our stadium (THANK YOU LORD)
The Holy Spirit as the draw to the truth (THANK YOU LORD)
The Goodness of God that leads one to repentance (THANK YOU LORD)
The Word of God to set the captives free (THANK YOU LORD)
The revelation of the Savior as a decision for Christ was made (THANK YOU LORD)
The Unity as we submit one to another and flow with the Spirit of God
The joy of the Lord that is our strength to endure all of our “discomforts” and stay focused on what the Lord wanted all of us to do.
The Blessings of being a part of something so wonderful!!!

The natural discomforts lead to supernatural things…. God used them all for Good… and we had a good time!!!!