What to do for 24 hours in an airport???

OK… due to the distribution bags I’m bringing over, I cannot leave the airport and explore the city of Singapore. Big Bummer.
Had I known, I would have made different arrangements when I arrived in the night before. So the airport will become my “City Tour”…. It’s lovely, but not that big.

1. Find a nice place to rest… done…
2. Walk all the terminals… done
3. Find a nice place for breakfast (see below)
4. Walk all the terminals… done
5. Find where the Biggest Airport slide is…but can’t get to it quite yet…
6. Walk all the terminals… done
7. Find the Butterfly garden and walk through it… OH IS IT HUMID IN HERE!
8. Walk all the terminals… done
9. Find Lunch… done
10. Walk all the terminals and check out the shops.
11. Charge phone to send emails
12. Walk and explore all the Orchid Gardens that are on display – absolutely stunning
13. Take the trams around the terminals
14. Buy postcards and find post office
15. Walk all the terminals as I’m getting sleepy again
16. Walk all the terminals
17. Find a place for dinner
18. Get a massage as I’m really really needing to close my eyes.. and they let me take a nice nap and a shower. Was less than the cost of the hotel room that was booked but “Not available upon my arrival”
19. Find the Lounge and wait for my flight.. Sorry Air Asia does not have a lounge 🙁
20. Catch my flight to Jakarta… 23 hours after my arrival….

Welcome to Singapore….

This is quiche and a cinnamon pastry.. not pizza and something unidentifiable… It was a lovely breakfast…

Dinner, nice curry….