Arrival in Singapore & Trivia!!!

Trivia is one of my favorite things… So can anyone tell me where the biggest slide in an airport is located? HINT: I’m going to look for it in the morning…..

I arrived in at 1am and found a comfy sleep chair to sleep on. And I slept. The airport gives free blankets as many arrive in the middle of the night. This is a nice touch. I will be planning my day & which will include finding the slide. Free wi fi let’s me send emails. Nice place. Love you all.

FOUND THEM: It turns colors… To those of you who wonder how it rode… well, it was closed by the time I arrived. And they just implemented a height restriction. Apparently the entertainment for the “children” was being taken advantage of by the “Big Kids”.

Check… Found the Largest slide in an airport… it turns colors….

Pink version in case you did not like green, purple or blue!