What to do when you go from having something to nothing?

Each trip, my prayers are for each member of the group to get the deposits that the Lord wants to make into each of us.
At many lunches and dinners, I paid close attention to what Pastor M was saying. The following testimony he shared with us One particular lunch, he shared how he walked from the Chin state to India for 5 days to attend Bible school. Since he entered into India with out getting a visa, he was not allowed to work. Everything that he needed, Pastor M. prayed and God provided. He prayed and received housing, food and tution monies for Bible School. God provided…. He is Faithful…..

Pastor M. went back to his village, started and pastored a church for a number of years. God then called him to go to Yangoon/Rangoon to start another church and bible school. He borrowed about $1000 from his friends and family in the village (note I said borrowed). He hitched a ride form the NW part of Burma and on the way, a news bulletin came across the radio that inflation was so rapid that the government decided to de-value all of the small bills…… That’s right any notes that were the small denominations now had no value. Well all that was in Pastor M’s pocket were small bills. He had something at the beginning of the day when he started out, and now… nothing! This was before the Market Crashed in the US!

He proceeded to tell us how God is Faithful… provision was made and is still being made to purchase buildings for churches. He shared how he now has $2.0 million dollars for the next phase. Here is the really really funny part, that I wish I would have taken a picture of… Since the government controls all of the banks, they will take money as they please. So here in Pastor M’s office sat in nice neat bundles, the $2.0 million dollars. I had to look a few times at the stacks and stacks of money, but there it was… Waiting to be used for it’s intended purpose.

God is Faithful… He always makes a way. AMEN!