Life in the bible school….

The students are a cross section of all cultures. I so enjoy looking at each of God’s creation and marveling at how unique each one of truly is….
These students get up at 5:00am and start their day off. They are at school and in their places by 8:00..
Praise, worship and prayer starts every day… “power naps” are taken as they have a break every 1 1/2 hours.
After school, they walk back to their “dormatory” to study, pray and prepare the meals. It is one HUGE family. And smiles abound in tight quarters…


There are 100 students (male and female) living sleeping and eating on 2 floors in the dormatory building.
bib-slp-2.JPG bib-slp-3.JPG burma-slp-qtrs.JPG