You’re a real live missionary ~ can I bring you to school?

I met Daniel (Jiten) at the bus stop one afternoon. He told me that when I walked by, felt inside that he was going to help me. He shared in our conversation that he was a primary school teacher at the Methodist Mission School. When I told him that I was a missionary, he told me that he’d love to have a missionary come to his class and speak. We decided that once he cleared it with the headmaster, I’d come to school. We talked for awhile and I figured out that Daniel did not have Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He is an Indian man whose family practiced Hindu traditions. He knew the teachings of the Gospel, but did not know Jesus. After a discussion, we prayed for him to receive Jesus. He told me that inside, something was now different. The next day we met and he told me there was no problem with the approval. The headmaster told him to bring me to school. We set a date of the 18th!