To Call this an American Team? You need me!

All is well here. Though the first part of the year started with it’s challenges, it has all seemed to work it’s way out with God proving, once again, He is faithful.
In January, He gave me a word, which was: He has committed Himself to care for me… It was a revelation that has deepened my faith to a new level.
With so much going on in the world and in our individual lives, I think we tend to lean on our own natural abilities and understanding.
It is when we face the unknown when we start to lean on and trust in and rely on Him. While all along, He patiently awaits our drawing near to him to allow Him to take care of us.
I could write a wonderful message on the depth of revelation that those words gave me, maybe later… For now I’m onward to what is at hand.

Again, It falls in line with His Faithfulness and what He promises to do. In the Spring of 2010, I was extended an invitation to minister in Indonesia for the first time. It was a step into a totally foreign place with all new faces.
Nothing familiar except the Edwin, I was meeting in Jakarta. And my relationship with him had been a short fellowship at PJ’s house. It was in that exchange that the Lord deposited something in my heart about SE Asia, or I should say, the Lord was answering things He had spoken to me about SE Asia. The trip was wonderful and I knew that one day, I would be back.

This past March,Edwin was here in the US and the planning on a return trip to SE Asia was in the works. PJ and Owen were going and they called it the American team. Interesting thing is that PJ carries a Dutch Passport , Owen carries a New Zealand and Edwin carries a Malaysian one. How could it be an American team without an American? A good laugh was all it took to put this together.

So what is at hand… first, I’ll fly into Singapore and get a day there. I’ll become familiar with Singapore and Ride the world’s largest indoor slide in an airport.
My next stop will be in Jakarta where I’ll meet Edwin and Owen. At the time I’m there, there is the Largest Christian Prayer Conference taking place. We will attend and some will minister.
A huge stirring has taken place as Reinhard Bonnke is one of the Keynote speakers. What a wonderful time it will be.

We then will depart to go back to Sulawesi, the Island where I was before. PJ will join us there. We’ll start off with Sammy and the now growing orphanage. This is where the two boys, Kenneth and Iam are.
The two of them were the first and started the orphanage. Sammy is a man who reminds me of George Mueller from England. Given a charge to take care of the Orphaned children in the 1800’s.
My time with Sammy and his wife, Ellen, showed me a heart to care for those who were bought and sold. The children that are there are rescued out of darkness. Pray for the continued provision and expansion of the plan and purpose of God for this wonderful place.

For the rest of the trip, there is an “outline” of ministry but really what I want to be prayed is “THY WILL BE DONE, not mine, BUT YOURS, O LORD.”
All of us have said, we feel that opportunities will arise as we go. And that has stirred each of us greatly…. So here is the outline:

After a few days, we’ll travel to the other side of the Island where we will be doing a three day crusade in a village. The Christians there are demoralized and have picked up unhealthy habits from the World. May Jesus be lifted up and many experience the Lord in their lives and their hearts set ablaze for the one true love.

We then fly to a small Island, Sangai Island which is just South of the Philippines, to a town called Tahuna. This time we plan to minister to pastors from various Churches. We see that this is a very strategic place for the Kingdom of God. It is an area that a migration. Migration was a word I was praying out while in Ireland last June…. Getting people to the right place at the right time so they can get what sustains their lives. The Lord wants a new migration of His Glory to cover both the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

We’ll then fly back to Jakarta and onto Sabah Malaysia. This is where Edwin has his church and we’ll minister to there for a few days. A quick note, Edwin is on the island of Borneo, which consist of three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Out of all the things, I had a prayer card for Brunei put in front of me this past week. I found this interesting as it was a card that our church had done for the 10/40 window years ago… and now here it was in front of me…

We’ll fly to the Swarwak (another part of the Island of Borneo)and drive about 3 hours where we can meet up with another group of people who have been touched by the Holy Spirit of late. Our plan is to stay in their Long Houses and minister to the people.

And then, go literally the top of a mountain right on the border between Malaysia and Indonesia to minister. This area of Borneo was evangelized by Missionaries earlier, and recently through the ministry of Edwin they have encountered the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of people are being freed from ancestral spirits and finding both spiritual and physical healing. Edwin has witnessed the burning of hundreds of occult items and Head Hunting items and seen these people experience the presence of the Lord. They are worshiping God with new songs, songs that they have composed. His presence is so strong there…

There is so much more and you can see that this is a longer trip. I’ll depart Sabah to start my journey back to the US in June.

Your prayer support on this is vital as we are going into areas that have not been traditionally opened to the gospel. So kindly:

1. Please Plead the Blood of Christ over the Team daily
2. Protection as we travel.. no harm or incidents
3. All luggage to arrive at the end destinations (on the way there and back here) – OH AND FAVOR WITH THE AIRLINES, They are changing the baggage weight restrictions almost daily.
4. All items we have for distribution to be ushered in through customs with out any delays
5. For sanctified food and water…
6. For the Assignments, for all to hear with our ears, receive in our hearts, and embrace all that the Lord is directing us to do.
7. For the Holy Spirit to have absolutely free reign and for us not to lean on any part of ourselves
8. For our eyes to be open to see the people as the Lord sees them
9. For the Children & Widows – James 1:28
10. For the Lord to open effective doors of Ministry ~ new arenas of ministry
11. For prosperity, Spirit (staying strong in the Lord and the power of His might), Soul (to be adjusted quickly and put down self), Body (walking in divine health), and for the continued financial provision for all that is needed to do the work that He has called us to do

My prayers over you all are:
For I thank God for you always, continually in my prayers, for without your continued support, the work of the Lord would not be accomplished on the level that he desires.
That it is through your ferverent prayers I am carried into new lands with a fire in my heart stirred through the Spirit. It allows me to touch hearts and reach people who are often times forgotten.
For a communion with the Spirit of the Lord where His Faithfulness is unveiled to you in a deeper way. For His peace that surpasses understanding to cover you with a blanket.
For all your needs that you have to be met. And the inheritance of the promised Abundant Life here on earth,.

With Love in Christ, Who is the Giver of Life.