A Detour and a Blessing….

I have to say, the entire team was not too excited about our return trip to Lugazi for two reasons: One, we were having a wonderful time ministering in the camps and two Speed Humps. But we did realize that we had to return at some point.

Just to the west of the main road we drove up on, Murchison Falls National Park is located. Pastor Bill and Linda had decided to “detour” us that way.
So we had an “unofficial” safari. It was absolutely amazing. Seeing animals “free” to roam in their own natural habitat was so wonderful. We came up on quite a few giraffes. The are truly amazing creatures. Each one is colored differenlty. Some were really chestnut colored and others more brown. Some dark and some really light. All different colors, but just giraffes ~ just like people.

I was in awe as I also noticed that giraffes are graceful, especially when they run. It looks like they run in slow motion…. but their stride is long and they cover a great distance in just a few steps. Like the plan of God, it seems like things are moving in slow motion, but when we turn around and look back a year, we see the great distance He has had us travel. He’s had us make great strides.

Other animals we saw: Oribi, Waterbucks, warthogs, Elepahants (YES real live ones), African Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Red Tailed monkeys, baboons, Tortoise, Ibex and a bunch of animals that I don’t even know the names…

African Buffalo, Giraffes with Nile river in background and Hippos in the Nile.. Sorry, my Camera batteries died!
safari-3.JPG safari-1.JPG safari-2.JPG

note: The best part about the safari… limited speed humps… we bypassed most of them and it took the same amount of time.