What are the rules about flooded roads????

Ok… after we packed up the movie projector and took down the sheet, we headed back and the sound of thunder started to rumble overhead with lightining. Raindrops started to fall quickly and very hard on the glass of the van. Talk about a deluge! Again, I’m back in Fiji and the tropical rains that pour and pour and pour.

As we drive the roads are quickly becoming flooded. Mind you the roads are not good with out rain, so we start to pray. You can see currents running across and down the roads… Ignasis eyes are scanning and watching the road. You could feel tires slipping on the road. As I prayed, I could not help but think….
Rule of a flooded road…..Don’t cross you don’t know whats under the water…
But rule of a flooded road in Africa, keep going!

So, we prayed that the angels would keep up out of ruts and drop offs and fill in those low places. Prayer answered. It was slow going (no surprise there) but we made it back with out harm or incident.

Faith Family, again, I want to thank you for your prayers, they keep us as we go out and come in!
Check out the photos below!!! WOW
road-washout.JPG road-washout-2.JPG