A heart of compassion….

We start the trek back and will be ministering at houses along the return path.

The second stop is the house of Indra, a recent widow, who has one of her sons staying with her. As we approach each place, Jordan explains a bit about the family. Whether or not they are related, know Jesus, are hindu or muslim. It is sweet and again shows more of his heart of compassion. Indra is a Methodist and really needs encouragement. During the break, Jordan worked at one of the lemon groves to earn money. He stayed with Indra as at that time, her husband just transitioned to heaven and her sons were away. We sit in an area that Jordan tells me that he prayed every night. It is a sweet presence. We visit for awhile and then pray with Indra and her son Jullian to be saved and filled. Glory to God.

We continue back crossing the streams, through the “woods”, we take a diversion off the path to cross the stream in a different place to go to one house. It is such a sweet walk through the valley. It is precious to see how the Holy Spirit leads and guides Jordan through our “adventure”. We “happen” upon a woman crossing the stream who readily receives the good news. Then proceed up to a house where one was awaiting for the precious gift of Jesus. As we approach, I still can’t help but marvel at the sensitivity of Jordan’s heart to making sure that these people that live, really, out in “the jungle/forest” hear the good news. I’m so touched. We have good conversation as we walk along the paths about the Lord and what He’s showing each of us.