Going further up the valley road……

We have a bus ride 30 or so minutes up into the valley to Waicoba, so I’m believing that that will be enough time of rest for me. The sun and heat is taking a toll on me, as I’m really not use to it. Jordan has renamed me “Miss Lali”, (means red/pink).

We take a break in the shade so I can rest for a bit as we wait for the bus. My prayers are for the Lord to protect me. The sunscreen comes off quicker than I can apply it. The Holy Ghost reveals to me a scripture where the sun can not smite me… Ps 121:6. I never knew there was a anti-sunburn verse. Thank you Lord for my protection from the elements!

Praise the Lord, the ride is enough to cool me down and calm my insides as I pray in the Spirit looking out at the valley. The volcanic mountains are lush green and have a mist arising out of the valley. It is a sight to see. My mind is wondering back to the missionary books that talk about the interior of Papua New Guinea. Am I really the one walking through the “tropical rain forest?” It is an honor and gracious privilege to be entrusted with brining truth to those who have not heard before.