Medical Clinic

This is our last day in Mandapeta and we are supporting a medical clinic. The clinic is not for the church members only. It is a free clinic open to all. 9 Indian Doctors (various specialties) are donating their time. It is required of the government that they do so. Many of them have Jesus as Lord as they are friends of Pastor John.

This clinic is a third world medical clinic. Not all of them provide actual services, many are just evaluating patients and giving prescriptions and a referral for additional service. Whether or not the service is sought is based upon financial situations and seriousness of the illness. Many people never follow up because of the lack of funds. At the end of all, we offer prayer ~ where a natural physician can not meet their needs, The Great Physician will.

The clinic will start with the Women and Children. Triage is set up in the courtyard before the church and will be held inside of the church. A pharmacy to pick up prescriptions will be set up along one side of the church.

Triage area , Pharmacy, Prayer for Healing
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