Feeding the Multitudes: The Word in action

Day two: Revival unto Holiness. Days are planned around 3 services with breaks for lunch and dinner. We will assist them with serving the meals….

Lunch Break happens at 1:30pm and the people lined up in rows. We help feed the multitude of people ~ 2000+. Lunch menu was: Rice, vegetable curry, samba, all served on a banana leaf. Note: Banana leafs have a natural anti bacterial property, they are freshly removed from the tree, rinsed and then used as the disposable plate. (Nice to know what to use in a pinch!)

It is a well orchestrated event. Distribution of the food started with the rice. We served the rice first, (4 scoops of rice for the adults, 1 or 2 for the children), followed by the Curry (2 or 3 Scoops for Adults, 1 or 2 for the Children), then ending with as much Samba,(a broth type soup with vegetables), as they wanted. I discovered that us Americans are not as fast as the Indians. To feed 2000+ people in under an hour you have to move. It was wonderful to serve the people.

Pastor John shared that these people had never had someone “white” wait on them before in their lives. That it was something that they would remember for the rest of their lives. In the caste system, these people were a part of the backward caste, so nobody waits on them. Here we were, breaking caste, waiting on them. Glory to God!!!! The walls of separation were coming down. A direct answer to our prayers Eph 2:4. Thank you Jesus!!

rvh-multitudes-1.jpg rvh-multitudes-2.jpg