Greatest Love

I was asked to preach at the afternoon service. Before the service, Pastor John and I talked about my gifting. He told me to go ahead and preach what was on my heart. I laughed as he told me to “tear it up”. I’m humbled by the opportunity and was excited what the Lord would do.

The message the Lord had me share was about the greatest love in my life Jesus. It was that Love that sent me to India to be in front of all of them. It is the Great Love that I need to share with them. Many made commitments for Jesus as Lord as the question was posed, who would like to personally know that great love? I’m not sure on the exact count as I could not see, it doesn’t matter as the Lord knows, The message continued on about the Holy Spirit ~ the One Who enables us to walk out the plan God has for our lives. The Lord moved His Spirit upon the people. Heavenly languages were pouring forth thanksgiving and praise to the Lord our God. Once again, I stand in awe of what the Lord has done. I am honored that I have been sent to India to be apart of and see another outpouring of His Spirit.