I’m overtaken by Your Love….The Blessings of Obedience….

I want to share a wonderful testimony with you…. May this bless you as you walk out your path of service.
God is wanting to bless those who listen and obey with out delay.

The house I’m renting came furnished, but the bed was quite a challenge. I’m use to sleeping on firm beds and this one was so “soft” and had no support it was bothering my back. I was so stiff in the morning. Sleeping on the floor was not working either. I had lifted it up to the Lord in prayer about a mattress… Making my request known unto Him.

Yesterday, I had just got done ministering in the valley~ how Wonderful it was walking across streams, down little foot paths, looking up at the lush volcanic mountains(?), thinking am I dreaming or am I really here. Thanking the Lord that I’ve been given the honor to do the work of the ministry. I looked at Jordan, barefooted, trekking through the “forest” ahead of me, and saw the tender heart and pure desire to let all know the truth. It is precious. I had told the Lord if this is my thorn in the side, being bothered by not having a firm matress, I’ll press through. And then, I got the following e-mail…. (I still cry when I read it…. God is good all the time.)

Hi – I don’t have much time to write right now, I am just sitting down to dinner, but the Lord laid it on my heart to purchase a (firm) mattress for you. Please let me know how much it costs and how to get the money to you.

Thank you Lord for meeting all or our needs!!!!!