Going to back to Asia…..Orient express

Wow, departures and arrivals come so quickly…. I guess that is why we are told that we are running a race!

Ok, so it’s back to Asia, but this time NE Asia ~ back to China…. . Our ministry schedule, like usual, is not firmly set. We have an “outline” of what we can be doing, but that is all subject to change once we land in Beijing. None the less, I am really excited about the trip. Tentative schedule includes a return to Hayden ~ the special needs orphanage I share often about. The place has my heart. After a few days, off to Kaifeng.. the overnight train journey to visit the Chinese Jews and see the orphanage we were at two years ago. It is time to go back and I am really stirred about that…. After Kaifeng, well we’ll see if it is on another train….
All subject to change as the spirit leads. Since the Olympics, there has been a huge crackdown on the Christians, so our plans will just flow!!!

Prayer request as we do this next journey… I can not thank you enough for standing alongside of me as we venture out….

1. For the plan and purpose of the trip to be accomplished.. by the team and individuals on the team
2. For the Holy Spirit to operate freely through us (no hindrances)
3. For the gifts in all the individuals to be pulled upon at a new level.
4. For the places we are to go and stay… for those places have been prepared and all we need to do is step into them
5. For the people who are being persecuted to be encouraged and strengthened from heaven
6. For the Children at Hayden and Kaifeng and all the orphanages to have their adoptions approved and completed (most adoptions are on hold and have been so for some time)
7. For the protection of the team, spirit, soul and body.
8. For safe food, transportation, ministry and conversation
9. For all the connections for the team as we travel to be without hindrance and delay
10. For the Katherine, who we will be leaving in China (missionary being assigned), to have a smooth transition into Chinese life and ministry
11. For the people to experience the Love of God in a way that further strengthens their grip on the Lord and allows them to see Him in His beauty and majesty.

My prayers for you are:
For the Lord to strengthen each and every one of you spirit, soul and body. For the peace of God to garrison about your minds, hearts and body. For all the eyes to remain firmly fixed upward on the Lord and His ability to do the seemingly impossible things ~ because with God, all things are possible. For those who need assistance during this time of worldly uncertainty to come to know that in heaven the markets and economy is fixed and stable. That it is Your desire, Father God, to bring heaven here to earth so that it will truly be a demonstration of “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven!” Thank you Lord that your treasuries are abounding and not at risk of “being bankrupted”, for your provision is always more than enough. Lord, most importantly, I think you for taking my faith family and using them to reach the lost and dying world. That each one of them continues to bring others into fellowship with the Lord through sharing His Son Jesus Christ. Lord, drop your presence upon each and every one, and a measure of your anointing to take them to another level, where as they encounter people, they are bringing heaven to earth and touching hearts and changing others eternal lives…. In Jesus name. Amen!