Yesu Ko Chit Tal (Jesus Loves You this they know…)

Yesu Ko Chit Tal (Jesus loves you in Burmese), became real to them…..

He walked into the room and His Glory Filled the room…. And as He walked among them, He healed them all, all who were oppressed of the devil.

And one becomes speechless and stands in awe….

This encounter is so hard to put to words. As the presence of the Lord is not something that I can really describe, it’s more than a feeling… it is a heaviness, a weightiness, and an overwhelming sense of peace…. ask the Lord to manifest His presence as you read on…..

Our team was invited to a water baptism by the Church of 94 Buddhist converts. They are all so very precious peopleā€¦. Their hearts are so hungry and open to the Truth. That morning, before the baptisim, Jesus appeared and healed them instantly. Smiles so big with joy abounding. The faces of the people were shining so brightly ~ they were reflecting HIM!!! And I sense that there are more days like that coming!!! Now, I did not see the Lord with my own eyes, but the Glory of the Lord was still all around and His presence evident. Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.

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