The effects of Cyclone Nargaris

The effects of cyclone Nargris can been seen. We went up to the top of the hotel where we were staying to do some praying over the city. Once you change your perspective, you see so much more. You could see all the damage and trees that were missing. Rooftops were “patched” or still in the process of repair. We were denied access into a village that was hit pretty hard. We stood on one side of the river and we could see the devastation. The authorities did not allow us to cross over to the village. So, we “perceived” that the Holy Spirit was not opening the door, so we went on. Below are some of the images I was able to take discretly.

The Irawaddy Delta: Across the river is where it was hardest hit due to the level land.
cyc2.JPG cyc4.JPG

In the city..