Leveling the high places & need to fill in the Low Places!!

The Road to the Refugee camps… 2 years ago, when we were there, a 5 hour drive took us 17 hours due to speed humps and bad bad road conditions. I discovered that the Lord did not “heal” one of the roads.
Well I should say part of it made level… the speed humps on the major road were now gone.. Thank you Lord for taking out the high places on that road…. But the low places on the road from Gulu to Pabo, wellllllll… that still had much to be desired. Allosis (same driver) asked me to be his Co-Pilot again, out of courtesy I agreed. That did not last that long… P. Bill got in that front seat and after a few minutes he said “I see why you moved, this is the roughest seat in the bus!! Lunch will be Tylenol & Advil. “ We all laughed……

I just could not help but think of a book by Oswald Smith… The Challenge of Missions… There is a part where he talks about going to the darkest places and all the things that the enemy throws out to get us to quit… physical ailments, tough travel conditions, lack of comforts, attacks on other team members (or family), just a list of how the enemy tries to block the taking forth the glorious truth of the Gospel…. But then there is God, who for the joy that is set before us on the other end, assists us to endure…. Once we reach the other side, it was all worth it… But then there is going back 😉 All Good. Since the road up was not speed humped we were up in Gulu much earlier than the previous time. We did Sat. pm and Sunday services. Two rides on the low road!!!