High Point Church

The Church is open 24 hours a day. People come to pray at the Altar during all times of the day and a prayer service starts at 3:00am. Pastor John’s parents were sent to the village by the Lord to start the church. The community was 100% hindu. Much prayer, sweat, blood and tears went in to the launching of the Church.
When they first started to share the Gospel, John’s parents were stoned each time they went out. Rather than strike back or retreat, each stone was picked up and put into a bucket. They took the stones and bulit the Altar in the Church. The Altar still stands. From the street you can see in to the altar of the church.
Today, many who are not believers find their way to the church not to stone the Pastors, but rather for help. You feel the love and compassion as you walk into the compound. The Presence of the Lord is there and people are drawn to it.

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