Ministry in the Camps…

After the Church services ended after noon, we traveled to the camp of Pabo to meet the other team members.
In Pabo, we ate lunch at one of the Pastors houses. We were able to minister to the children and pray for the sick.
It touched the hearts of the people that we were there. It was absolutely beautiful. In their lack, they want to give us their all.

Note: In regards to clothing, the decisions on what to wear is not based upon color or style as often times what they are wearing is all they have. It is their only outfit. Their decision is based upon HOW TO WEAR whether or not they are covering the front side or the back side.

We continued along to the next camp: Oting
Oting, is a camp that was closed to having anyone from the “outside” come in at all. Apparently there were some other orginazations that came in and made promises that they did not keep. But, Pastor Basco talked to the camp administrator and asked if we could possibly show a film. After a discussion, the camp administrator agreed. Set up in on the van. A white sheet is draped on the van to project the movie on. As some of the group was setting up the screen. Carolyn and I got out and started engaging the Children in a friendly game of soccer. Their soccer ball was old wadded up clothes, tied end to end, wrapped in a ball that looked like a rubberband ball.

Same plan as in the children’s homes, kick the ball around until one of the kids gets close enough to you to get a hug.. The grab on and hug them. It works wonders. The all giggle at first and tease the “first recipient” of the hug, but then they inch closer and closer until they get their hug.

Another thing we did was engage them in a game of Hand Pile war, where you alternate your hands on top of each other pulling from the bottom to see who can keep it in order and end up on top. It brought heaps of laughter. It was special. You do with little and give in abundance.

After a bit, Pastor Bosco approached the camp administrator and asked if the team could go from hut to hut and pray for the people. Unknown to us, he had been watching us engage the children and as he saw the smiles, laughter and hugs, his heart was softened. He agreed to let us go.

From hut to hut we go. Prayer was for all sorts of needs, healing, provisions, families who’ve lost loved ones, and most importantly sharing the Gospel and prayer to receive Jesus. It was magnificient! Darkness came up quick on us and we headed back to where the film was playing. Between 800-1000 people had gathered by the van to watch the movie. There are no benches to sit upon, so all stood. Packed in so tight in a small area….
The film played, people watched, and when it ended, a simple message for those to receive Jesus was offered, it was beautiful as the prayer was repeated in the native tongue…. absolutely music to the ears of the Lord.