More converstion pieces… Who are they???

The statues that are on the churches were amazing. We came upon this church with the three statues on top.
We stood and looked up. PK and I were trying to decide exactly “Who are they?”.

Again, as we stood and had our converstion, a group of girls from China came up. They joined in our conversation and then had a conversion. All receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior… all becasue we stopped and had a conversation over a piece of art.

Ok, so who are they???
I figured one had to be Jesus, the center top
Another had to be St. Peter… As Jesus stated Upon this Rock I will build my church – to the right
The third one? Mary – maybe… it is a Catholic church
I googled it but did not come up with an answer. Anyone????

What it means – Latin: To God, who is the best and the greatest (I concur)