The path walked….

Ok… here it is, what I have walked through to get to the destinations.. Some water is ground run off, not going to think of what is running off… but big rains run down the mountains and flood the plains.. Makes trekking a true adventure for this shoe princess. Those indoor shoes would never make it here!

Paths to the lost….
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Down to the river Knee deep? run off

although this picture is from another adventure, this is what my feet look like from some of these treks. They joke with me about having “Fijian / Indian” feet after my walks. Beautiful are the feet of those who share the gospel and bring glad tidings of peace.


Not letting go….

Sundays ministry in the interior was great. There was one little Indian girl, about 6 years old, named Krishna, who is absolutely beautiful. She was at the house of one of the families we visited to pray for a sick person. She came over and jumped upon my lap, threw her arms around my neck, buried her head in my chest and would not let go. It was really hard, as I could see that this little girl was so wanting love. She sat there for at least 20 minutes just clinging to me. She did not want to let go and it was not easy to put her down. It is children like this that I want to take back with me. I really can’t understand it ~ why would a mother leave a child?? Even though the child is with the grandmother, I still don’t know how and why? I was wondering if it was a “cultural” thing with the grandmother raising the firstborn or something like that? None the less, it saddened my heart as she asked to come with me…. Hard to hold back the tears on this one. I’ll be going back there a few more times before I depart. Many prayers for this one…..

Love Is the Ultimate God-like Quality Simple prayer

This was adapted from a devotional that I read.. What we need is:

When you add this love to your faith, and you begin believing God for others instead of yourself, you believe God to save the lost instead of spending all your time praying for God to take care of your own needs. You care the work of the Lord being done, because the work of the Lord is to help others.

You will care not just in your heart but also in your actions. You will believe God for food to give to the homeless, for clothes to give to the naked. You will believe Him to help you have time to visit the sick. You will believe Him for money to give into His work so that others may be saved. You will care about what is happening and you will want to see His ministry spread throughout the globe!