Fulfilling the Commission – Train – Teach – Go Ye

I’ll start with the good reports from Liberia. As I shared in my prayer request, the trip to Liberia was what I called a Legacy trip focusing on Prayer and Evangelism. I am happy to report that goals and objectives were met.

Our ministry was centered and focused on and around the capital city of Monrovia. Teaching and training then going ye was the program agenda. The training sessions imparted boldness and stirred those in attendance on sharing their faith. After the morning sessions, we went out in groups to share the Good News.

Each day the teams went into the highways and byways to share the gospel.
Some teams were led to schools where principles opened gave them access to the children.
Normal classroom teachings were put on hold so they could be filled with the knowledge of Christ as team members shared.

One team was led to a school that had 1000 children all called together in an assembly. The principal gave him the stage and he shared about salvation. After they prayed for salvation, the Holy Spirit fell upon the people. Teachers were slain in the Spirit, children were speaking in tongues… The team stood and glorified God for what He just did.

Others went to the villages, markets and the Red Light Market ( Means what it means back here – Drugs, prostitution, Alcohol and the down trodden)
Ministry to the children who were not in school took place (many cannot afford school fees so they work instead)
Many vendors gathered in groups to hear the Good News
Groups of people were drawn by the Spirit of the Lord to the Light that was being shared.
Muslims received as the goodness of God was evident
Demonstration of the Love of God to those who are truly oppressed

It was easily recognized that it was such a strong anointing of the Lord that was pouring out on all of us to win the Lost. Each day the number of those who received went up and up.

The Goal we had was for 3000 souls, but by the end of the 3rd day we recognized that we’d surpass that. After all, God is the God of multiplication… it was wonderful.

In the end, we were able to bring back the glorious report of 10,023 people who made a decision for Christ. Thank You Lord for adding to the church daily. Such as should be saved!!!!

Building a Legacy – All for the Glory of God..

As many people are partaking in big after Thanksgiving shopping day, I’m keeping with my tradition for the past 8 years…. I will be on a plan departing once again for Africa.
A team from LWCC and I will be going back to Liberia again. This is where we went last Year Nov/Dec and started the relationships with the Churches.

The Lord has desired that we return and teach on Prayer and Evangelism. So we’ve got a team of Evangelists and Prayers that are aligned up.
Not only will we teach, but we will be taking members of the church and team out and go ye.

It will be a really special trip as the person who led me to Christ, the Evangelism Pastor, is going on this trip.
I call it a legacy trip. He taught and trained me up. I then taught and trained under him for years before moving to missions full time.
There are those who I trained up who are also on this trip.
Makes me smile and stand in awe of how God loves to use just ordinary people to dispense His Love.

It is planned that we will also get sometime back in schools and visiting the orphanage.

So I ask you all to join with me in prayer for the following:
1. Transportation – for our flights to be on time and smooth connections. All of our travel on the Ground in Liberia to be set
2. Protection – For angels to garrison about us at all times. For each of us to abide corporately and individually under the shadow of the Almighty.
3. Health – for all of us to walk in Divine Health as we are there, so that our focus stays on ministry.
4. Unity – Let us carry a spirit of unity so that they see that it is a body of believers working together, striving for the faith of the gospel
5. Being completely yielded to the Holy Spirit, so that the words we speak are Words from heaven, words that will have divine influence upon a heart and accomplish what God has desired them to accomplish
6. Teaching…. For the Holy Spirit to be the teacher in all and for those we are training and instructing to see the Holy Spirit as their Teacher.
7. For the Lord to send the rain, pour out your spirit – Let His fire fall, and Fill us all… Fall fresh on us!
8. Reconnecting with those who we met before – for the relationships to continue to grow in our love for the Lord and one another
9. Accommodations and food – for a safe place to stay, and for food and water to be health and nourishment, no dirty water, but purified.

My prayers over you are:
For each of you to come to understand the talents that God has put in you to be used for His glory… For you to understand that the gifts from the Spirit in you are to help others assist in fulfilling what God has called them to do, for you to fully comprehend the Call that God has on your life… and for you to realize that the ability to fulfill that call begins with each of you saying “Here I am Lord, Use me!!!”.
For the Love of God to be further shed abroad in your hearts and filled to overflowing. For you are salt and light in the earth…. For the world to see that you are the reflection of God and His purifying power in the earth. And Live to the Praise of His Glory! In Jesus Name, Amen.

With Love in Christ, Who is the Giver of Life.