A flower to Treasure….

One of my favorite things is when the Lord reveals Himself to me as I am in foreign places. Often times it is when I’m not looking or expecting something.

One of my favorite flowers is offically named Plumeria. It has a scent that is so heavenly. Hard to describe, but it is delicate like jasmine/honeysuckle.

Nations that I’ve been into and have returned multiple times, the Lord has shown me “my” flower. In my quite time with Him, it is the fragrance that I “smell”. It is an affirmation that indeed, I am right where he wants me to be. It is in nations that I will continue to return to.

For me, it is one of the little things that God does for me…

About my flower:
Frangipani (Plumeria rubra), is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. Frangipani is withstand subtropical climate. Temple Tree, Champa, Dead man’s fingers, Egg Flower (southern China) Amapola (Venezuela), leilawadee –Thailand are other synonyms of Frangipani.

When I was in Liberia, I had asked about my flower. Liberia is on the south Atlantic Ocean and is a tropical place. When I showed the photo to some of the folks there, they said they had that flower, but could not name it… They were looking to bring me my flower. One evening as the sun was setting, I was standing out on the terrace where we were staying… The Frangipani tree is a very unique tree, it has angular branches and is not like any tree that I’ve seen before. Off in the distance, out of the shadows, there I saw the outline of branches in the sunset. I thought, could it be??? I walked down to verify that indeed, Liberia would be a place I would return again and again… And it was. My flower in a nation that has been torn apart by civil war… Beauty in the midst of destruction.

And just like people, they come in a variety of colors… yet all beautiful!!!
frang3.JPG frang2.JPG frang1.JPG

What does it take to win 10,000 souls???

In my journal from the Liberia trip, I have written: What does it take to win 10,000 souls???
A lack of electricity which leads to:
A lack of air conditioning (in 95 degree heat and 99% humidity)
A lack of water for showers, pumps to get water did not run
The South Atlantic Ocean as our bathtub (THANK YOU LORD)
The Ocean breeze to cool off in the shade of palm trees (THANK YOU LORD)
The Beach as our stadium (THANK YOU LORD)
The Holy Spirit as the draw to the truth (THANK YOU LORD)
The Goodness of God that leads one to repentance (THANK YOU LORD)
The Word of God to set the captives free (THANK YOU LORD)
The revelation of the Savior as a decision for Christ was made (THANK YOU LORD)
The Unity as we submit one to another and flow with the Spirit of God
The joy of the Lord that is our strength to endure all of our “discomforts” and stay focused on what the Lord wanted all of us to do.
The Blessings of being a part of something so wonderful!!!

The natural discomforts lead to supernatural things…. God used them all for Good… and we had a good time!!!!

The Book of Acts is still for today….. more fulfillment of the scriptures

At one house there was a young boy and his mother, who was sick. I had perceived that her illness was actually addition withdrawals.
Thomas, her son, received Jesus as Lord and Savior first. He then asked me if we could pray for his mother. I was prompted to have him pray for His mother to be healed as we laid hands on her.
The earnest, heartfelt prayer of a righteous man avails much. The prayer was beautiful and so from the depths of his heart. The presence of God filled the room and touched her body. Thomas then went with us house to house as we shared and prayed for those who needed healing.

At one house after they received Jesus as Lord, one of them asked the question, “there has to be more doesn’t there?” I said,” yes”, and then shared Acts 1-3, the baptism in the Holy Spirit with fire and power to be a witness. The Holy Spirit filled the house and they all were filled.

At another residence, there were a group of ladies and one could not speak. All the ones who could speak prayed first then we turned our attention to the one would not.
She received Jesus by nodding her head. We then prayed for her to be able to speak…. She started with Hallejuiah and then out came Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus… and then more.
We all rejoiced and praised the Lord. No rock had to take her place!!! Selah!!!!

At the Market, one man walked up to me and told me that he had been fasting for 5 days to find Jesus, could I help him. No sooner than he had received Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit that a Lady walked up (I hope to have a photo for this one) and stood there. I asked her if she wanted what he received, “Yes” was her response and she did.

On the last day as we walked back to where we were meeting to return to the church, a Muslim woman walked up to me. She told me “she needed what I had – Jesus.” She was on her way to the mosque for prayer and said a prayer that would change her life. What a Wonderful God We Serve.