Behold I stand at the door and knock…..

One of the things that I enjoy is archtechtural design. Especially on buildings that have history to them.
As we walked and prayed, there were so many doors that “popped” and made a simple building stand out! I enjoyed it so much PK bought me a post card… and the challenge was issued. Could I possibly find all the doors on the post card?

Postard challenge Results: A few, but not all.. but honestly, how could one choose??? Here are “my doors!”

OK these next two were not on the card at all, but were just Amazing in size and design…

It’s immigration, not migration…

Our first part of ministry was linking up with the LR Church to pray for Ireland and whatever the Holy Spirit of the Lord lead us to pray for. During the prayer, I kept praying out the word Migration, PK teased me after the session saying, “K-it’s immigration, not migration.” And also because I was “face planting” (Falling asleep) due to a lack of sleep on the flights over.

Feeling a bit sheepish (no not because we were in the land of sheep & lack of sleep), I laughed it off.

The night before we departed we were at another prayer meeting. Once again, the word, I kept praying out the word “Migration”.
But then came the explaination. As we prayed, I was taken back to our Uganda trip from July 2010. While we were coming across the plains of Murchirson Park, there was a “stream” of wilderbeasts coming over the hills. This went on for miles. I’ve put the best photo of this I had below, a bit thin in this photo, but it was a massive heard…. a awe inspiring heard.

When they migrate, nobody is saying “Hey, it’s time, we need to migrate.” Rather, something inside prompts them to go…

As they cross the plains, there is much danger, Lions are on the hunt as well as other preditors. Then they come to the Nile River and need to cross the river. But there are the Nile Crocodiles.Yet they still cross the river. They don’t stop and consider the danger, they go…

As we walked and prayed Dublin, I was amzaed that I was not meeting Irish people. Rather, the people I encountered and ministered to were from Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other E. European countires. There were also Asian and S. Americans.
We joked about it… Hey, I came to Ireland but did not meet any Irishmen…

Southern Ireland (Dublin) is part of the EU. You don’t have to have a Visa to enter if you are a citizen of a member nation.
You can also secure work in any EU Country. So that is what was happening. Folks were not immigrating (when you do, you need permission to do so) rather, they were migrating.. I figured it was like moving from New York to Texas…

When I asked “Why Ireland” many stated, they really did not know.. There was something inside that moved them there. I realized that the draw was of the Spirit.. Drawing them to a place out of darkness. Places where the gospel was not allowed to be freely shared to a place wehre they could be in light and receive.

Q: Are you Heaven Bound?? A: Are you???

In our ministering to the people of Ireland, I noticed a trend. It had to do with the first question that was asked of us.
That question was “Are you a Catholic or Protestant?” That truly is a question that I’ve not heard anywhere in the world.

Usually, when I ask about eternal life, I’ll hear a response like:
“I’m Catholic”
“I’m Lutheran”
“I’m Methodist”
“I’m hoping that it’s heaven”
“I’m not sure”
“I honestly don’t know”

But I’m not use to hearing “Catholic or Protestant.”
My answer: “Neither, I’m a born again, Spirit Filled, Jesus Loving, God Fearing Christian.”
The “neither” is usually what engages the folks in further converstion.

As written in my prayer requst. This Divide of the Catholics & Protestants is huge. I just never realized just how sensitive the people in Ireland are about it. But it is a riff that needs to be removed so the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords can come in.

The ministry in Ballymena & Dublin was a very wonderful time. Having the Lord send me to a place to give the message of Love and Hope, I shall never grow weary of. It is my delight to proclaim the truth so that others can receive eternal Life.

Can you tell me what this is?? A conversation Piece…

Striking up a conversation with unknown others can be, well, intimidating… unless you have the Holy Spirit..
Our prayer walks throughout Dublin were ones of daily thanks and praise for the Holy Spirit giving us entrance to be able to talk with others… Conversation Pieces – yeah, that is a good word…

One such Conversation Piece centered around a true “Piece” that when we saw it, made us say “What is this?”
The responses were as follows:
At the tourism office – right across the street… “a big hunk of metal that cost millions of euros.” “No known reason for it, just a waste of money.”
Unnamed Folks on the street, “A waste of money for a tall piece of metal.” “really don’t know what it is for”
Other tourists, “Not sure, looks like a tall needle.”
Group of Girls, “Giggle, Giggle, Giggle… It’s the spire.. but we don’t know what it is for??”

Declan & Leonda, Local Dubliners -“Well, we really don’t quite know…”
Declan, ” A huge waste of money.”
Leonda, “Yeah, we’re not quite sure what it is for, but it had something to do with spending 7 million euros”
Declan, “And the lights don’t work… and then it was not suppose to rust, but they had a problem with rust already.”
Leonda, “They call it the spire.”
PK, “We call it the place where we met you.”
Ministry on why we are there…
Leonda, “I’ve been praying for Declan to know Jesus.”
Me.. “We’re the answer to that prayer.”
Declan – receives Jesus
We received great friends… We spent another evening with the two of them, having dinner and prayer walking another section of Dublin…

Here it is, in it’s full glory…
As we discoverd, there was not a real fondness or “sense of pride” for the “Spire of Dublin”