The English Corners…. Full of English Quesions!!!????

The English corners: These opportunities are created to minister to university students who are learning English. Their teacher is a beautiful Christian lady who was sent to this town to share the gospel. She had shared with me when she arrived, she felt so alone and had cried out to the Lord about not having “anyone else” to help. Just like Elijah cried out in the cave, I’m the only one….. Here was our team, to lift her up and encourage her. She teaches a class on English that gives a “practical” lesson with a biblical foundation. The Word goes forth each week by the teaching she shares. Her lesson was on No Pain, No Gain, and she had us give the lesson. No greater pain was endured for any greater gain!!! Glory to God. In China, Evolution is taught as fact. Many of the students struggle with their existence. Two questions that underscore the foundations of ones faith were asked: 1. what is the purpose of my life? 2. If there is a loving God, why is there some who are Sick and well? Poor and Rich? Free and Oppressed? Both of these questions are loaded, but important. The Lord touched the hearts of all with His response through the team and all who were in attendance prayed to receive Jesus as Lord!!! Praise God!!!!

Underground Church services…

We visited our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the underground church… They send their greetings and ask you to continue to pray for them as they endure hardships and persecution. Each time I look into the eyes of the believers in a nation that can not worship our Lord freely, it does something. I can not imagine not being able to just get in my car and drive straight ~ no detours to loose tails, under the cover of darkness ~ to church. It is Holy Boldness that is upon these brothers and sisters, who share their faith BOLDLY even knowing that the result can and often times are detention, torture and prison. One of the Pastors has a youth bible school. Many of the students there were led by the Lord to come and study. They just showed up at the door of the school asking if this is where they could be trained. There are no recruitment and college enrollment forms; they are admitted by the Holy Spirit of God who leads them in the path they are to walk. What an honor to go and share and teach the word of God…

Thank you so much for your prayers

Thank you so much for your prayers. It is your faithfulness to pray here that enables us to get the work done there. The work we did was different from what we initially thought. We were not able to bring baby Faith back with us on the plane, but what was revealed in the Spirit and the natural in relation to adoptions was HUGE. The favor of God was operating as doors opened up to move the assigned team member into meetings with officials and people in high places in government. The Lord has set something in motion that is the result of a faithful man stepping up in faith to help set the children who are “captive” free. As our team prayed, the Spirit of the Lord kept bringing up the Exodus of the Children of Israel…. It took one man to start the exodus, it took one faithful man to keep going when there was resistance, and it just took one!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Continue to pray that what was started and revealed over in China continues to have it’s free course and the Children are ALL allowed to go home to their appointed families.

Back to Hayden to visit the Children. We stayed a few nights at The Inn at Shepherd’s Field; it is the missionary housing complex. The place was built on faith, all the buildings, materials, and sod came as the result of prayers. Not only did they come, they came from Heads of States, Government Authorities and Companies that have influence. God’s hand in directing them has been amazing. The nights we spent there were the sweetest sleep ~ one can tell that much prayer has taken place there. Our time was spent praying and playing. The children are doing well. The houses in Children’s village have been shut down, and the children placed in homes with in the city. The government at this time will not allow visitors to go and see those children. Continue to pray for them, for their every need (especially the need of stable, well trained and loving families) is met.

Back to China….

Another trip in November to China. Focus on this was to “Set the Captives Free.” It was all about the orphans and allowing them to go free. Hard to understand why a govenment would want to “keep the children” and not allow them to be adopted. With the hundreds of thousands of children in the orphanages, why, would they not allow them to “go home?” Much prayer about what it is we are to do… Sweet. Visit to Hayden once again to pray over and minister to the Children…

We also were able to minister in an English Corner where the leader a lovely Christian lady, Angel, was leading. Her heart cry was that of Elijah when Jezeebel breathed threats against him. She cried out to the Lord about being sent to a city where there were “No Other Believers.” but then we were there to encourage her. She was so delighted that we came and so thankful to the Lord for answered prayer. The believers were there, but just not Chinese at the time. The numbers multiplied before we left.